Everything Is Up On RunDisney’s Site: Course Map, Official Digital Event Guide, and the Virtual Goody Bag! Let’s take a look!

If you want to view everything yourself, or you are running the race and want more than the few things I’ve posted here – go to https://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/

First up…what does the course look like?!

The 2018 Princess Medals are Here!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holidays! Welcome back 🙂

During the break, RunDisney released the photos showing the finisher medals for the 2018 Princess 5k, 10k, Half, and Fairy Tale Challenge. I think they look great, here are the official images so you can look for yourself!

Holiday Time Running Woes + New Treadmill Mind Game + See you next year :)

I noticed that around this time of year there are more obligations than normal. More chores. More gatherings. More purchases. More. More. More. and all my workouts were getting pushed. My blog posts were getting pushed. It’s not like I wanted to skip them, in fact the more I did, the worse I felt because this is something that I really enjoy and gets me excited about the upcoming race. So I set my clock for an hour earlier to go to the gym and run in the morning. Full disclosure…

Daylight Savings Time killed my running hour. Treadmills it is.

I had all my gear ready for a brisk run in the park, when I looked out the office window to see that it was already getting dark. Daylight Savings Time killed my remaining hour of sunlight! Last week I was still a little on the fence, thinking maybe I could still run outside, but looking out at that moment I knew that would make me miserable. Decision made, treadmills it was. I pulled up some numbers on my phone and started driving towards my house…

RunRecap October 9 – 15| Run317 Fountain Square

It’s been rough getting back into my workout routine. With a crazy work week; it was super hard to find time. (That’s why there isn’t a long run on the activity list -_-) Luckily, I had already put the Run317 Fountain Square 5k on my calendar. It was a much needed stress relief…


Today, I can say that mentally I feel fine about missing two weeks of progress as vacations are always worth it. I can also say that physically I don’t feel fine and am equal parts dreading / looking forward to getting back into the swing of my workout activities. 

More importantly though – The first official RunDisney Princess Half Marathon 2018 info email came through today!!!! It says…