RunRecap August 21 – 27| Colts Football 5k!

Early this Saturday, I got up to run the 2017 Colts 5k. The finish line was on the 50 yard line in Lucas Oil Stadium! Running through the giant inflatable horse head towards the 50 was really cool, and super fast. You entered the tunnel, hit the field, and crossed. Here is the very shaky video of me crossing the line!

RunRecap July 31 – August 6 | Training Montage Begin!

This weekend my long run is up to 5 miles! I’m really excited about it; that used to be a joke distance. Now, it’s not a joke – it’s going to happen on Saturday or Sunday.

In terms of montage, I’d place my current progress around …

My Running Gear. Not Just Shoes and Old Shirts Anymore.

When I started working out I was sure that running gear or any kind of workout gear was a scam, or meant for people who already had an active lifestyle and they were just wearing clothes to match. …