How I’m Going to Finish this Race Standing: My Race Day Plan!

Getting this personalized race day plan was a big reason why I went to the nutritionist in the first place. I’m excited I’m now at the point where I can start training with it! This plan is how I will be able to finish the race feeling good, and not like death. 13.1 miles is hard enough.

We started by referencing one of the course maps from the past to see where water stations/aid stations were, since this year’s isn’t up yet. (been checking..everyday…nothing..more info please Disney, marathon weekend is over now…nudge, nudge…)

My plan, based on everything we had discussed prior to this, became 4oz of water each mile, along with 2 salt tablets and 3 power bar gels ingested at different miles around the course. To keep my body from shock/cramping/sloshing/badness, I’m starting the plan on my long runs now to get used to it.

Not wanting to run with a print out, I put all the info on my water bottle with some tape and a Sharpie. I measured out the 4 fl. oz. and placed a mark on the tape, which I then put a mile count on. I added the salt tab or power gel in their respective boxes as well so I know what to take and when. I used it on my 8 mile run last weekend and it was great! My power gels were still in the mail, so I did the course with water and salt only, but this weekend I should be good for a true test run. Wish me luck, we are almost there!



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