New Year…New Me? How have I been doing with what I’ve written so far?

To kick start the year, I looked back on all my previous posts from 2017. I started writing this blog on June 28, 2017 – it really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but wow there were a couple of concepts I noticed right off that bat.

  • Goals set and have become goals met.
    • Throughout my early posts I wrote I wanted to finish this race under 2 hours 30 minutes; I’m really pleased that I think i’m still on track for that. My training plan didn’t really change to much from the beginning, but it’s working!
  • Breaks kill momentum, habits, and endurance – but not perseverance.
    • I’ve got a lot of posts on how something life related delayed my training, but I’ve never stopped trying to hit my workouts. That’s a huge thing, because when I was writing, I really felt I was dropping the ball. Obviously, if I had given up, I wouldn’t have kept writing about how it 😉
  • I’ve learned a lot.
    • I’ve done a lot of inward reflection, improved my diet, and gotten stronger!

Everyone should write a blog! Reading that was super interesting, haha. Keep going with your goals! Stay motivated! We can do it!

P.S. Quick race update – corral placement should be announced at the end of January, so i’ll let you know when I do! Costume work has also started, so a costume update and tutorial is also around the river bend. 🙂




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