Holiday Time Running Woes + New Treadmill Mind Game + See you next year :)

Around this time of year, there are more obligations than normal. More chores. More gatherings. More purchases. More. More. More. All my workouts were getting pushed. My blog posts were getting pushed. It’s not like I wanted to skip them, in fact the more I did the worse I felt, because this is something that I really enjoy. So, I set my clock a hour earlier to go to the gym and run in the morning. Full disclosure, it took me about a month to fully implement this from the initial thought. I am not a morning person, but I am a goal driven person, and in this case, the goal helps push me out the door.

Once I get to the gym, I either watch something on my phone, or play mental occupying type games. I made a game the other day that I quite liked; It goes like this.

  1. Set up on a treadmill that faces a busy road.
  2. Whatever color car you see pass you first is the color car you are searching for. (example: you see a red car first, the color you are now trying to find is red)
  3. If you see 10 cars in that color during your running interval, that color “wins” (I chose 10 because the road I picked is super busy, but if yours is a little less do 5. I also picked 5 and 10 since it’s easy to keep track of your counting on your fingers as you run)
  4. You can only count that color during your running interval. Once you hit your slower pace, the color resets.
  5. During your entire run try to get a Black, White, Red, Blue, Grey “win”. If you get all the colors, you are the ultimate winner!

It’s a very simple game, but keeps your mind occupied. I kept thinking I needed to bring a bingo-like scorecard with the different colors on it to keep track, but i haven’t done that yet. 🙂


With that, hopefully everyone has a great holiday season; I’m signing off for the year. I’ll be back after the holidays in January with new content and posts 🙂 Look forward to costume updates and photoshoots, more running info, official course maps, gel reviews, final vacation planning, restaurant selections, and more!

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