Daylight Savings Time killed my running hour. Treadmills it is.

I had all my gear ready for a brisk run in the park, when I looked out the office window to see that it was already getting dark. Daylight Savings Time had killed my remaining hour of sunlight! Last week I was still a little on the fence, thinking I could still run outside, but looking outside at that moment I knew that would make me miserable. Decision made, treadmills it was. I pulled up some numbers on my phone and started driving towards my house.

I called Planet Fitness first. They were nice enough, but distracted, telling me all their treadmills were generally occupied until around 7pm. I hung up, and continued driving, thinking this was not a great start to my search.

I drove a bit farther and remembered there was a local gym off the side of Binford. I didn’t have a chance to look up their number, so I just stopped in. They had open equipment during rush hour! Everyone was nice! It was great. For me, if I have to run inside, this was where I wanted to do it. Training saved!


I did my workout, (normal weekday 30 minute routine) and promptly tripped trying to get off of the treadmill. I haven’t ran on a treadmill in so long that I completely spaced the feeling of rubber legs post run… at least the gym wasn’t super busy right? That’s what I’m telling myself at least… so if you guys are switching to the indoors like me – remember the rubber legs!

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