Nutrition Goals: Round 2!

(This is a follow up from the original nutrition post, which you can read here)

I have successfully made the first round of changes to my diet! Remy would be pleased. The biggest difference for me is not going out to lunch. Bringing the right food helps considerably with a post-work run. The difference is so significant in fact, I had to figure out how to deal with the problems that had stopped me from doing this before.

First problem: I hate going to the grocery.

My solution – I order from prime now. They’ve got local grocery stores on there, and prices are decent. They also deliver to me.


(note: if you have an Amazon Prime account, you’ve got access to prime now.)

Second problem: I hate the process of actually having to make lunch everyday. I’m not a morning person.

My solution – I get to relax while waiting for my order from prime now to arrive, then I make everything for the week at once. It takes about an hour. Why put stuff away to get it back out again, right? Then in the mornings, I just grab the pieces I want and put them in a bag. Done.

In addition to that, on the running side of things..I’m ready to start adding supplements on my longer runs. My nutritionist went through a bunch of options with me, and said since I haven’t taken any previously, to try everything!


So today I’m planning on shopping. I’ll write up my impressions of each, in upcoming RunRecaps.

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