What to do with my Spectator?!

The room is booked, flights are set, magical express has been notified, everything is running (literally) smoothly aaand then I look over at my boyfriend and ask, “Since the race is so early do you just want to meet me at the finish line? Or were you planning on going out to the castle/somewhere on course?”

“Whatever you’d like me to do that would help you most,” he responded.


Cue the internet searches because in that moment I realized I had no clue how to even suggest what might be useful. I had been so focused on my training, and now was the time to realize I wasn’t taking the trip alone.

There is a lot of spectator advice out there, for every type of group. I suggest that if you are looking for advice with your own spectators that you read everything, then take a step back and decide what’s right for your party. That second step is important! I also learned that when you get closer to the race you’ll get the course map, tracker info, spectator planning tool, and other helpful items. It’s good to have a loose plan that you can make notes of for everyone in the my Disney Experience app, then you can finalize it later.

After chatting with him, we decided that the halfway point around the castle was the meet-up/cheer spot. The loose plan is for him to join me in the morning going to Epcot, then head over to Magic Kingdom, then heading back to the hotel and getting snacks, etc. ready for when I get back. I can hear people saying now: “what about the finish line?” Knowing myself, I would prefer to just cross and head straight to bus where I know food, shower, and relaxation are waiting. Just a personal preference, like I said – plan for you!

RunDisney Official “Spectator” Page


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