I Found My Edna Mode! Jess West to the Rescue!

jess west costume meeting

I haven’t been this psyched in awhile. I just got back from meeting with Jess West, and let me just tell you now – my costume will be one of the best ones you’ll see. Even Chewbecca is excited in the background there..

If I had to make this outfit myself it would have ended up like this:

sleeping beauty

Nobody wants that. Although… I haven’t seen that outfit yet, maybe that will be another year’s outfit! **puts that idea in back pocket** Ahem..moving on.

Jess’s notes and measurements for my RunDisney costume!

We are keeping pretty true to the mint-green hoodie outfit, but since it’s already being adapted for running, we are adding some additional details as well to make it more unique. I’m really excited about the different fabric types that are going to be used. It will add up to something cool, recognizable, and easy to run in. Yay! I will share more about the accessories, fabric, etc. as we get closer and ideas are off the paper.

If you are doing a RunDisney race and want a custom costume, or want to transform yourself for any other reason at all, check out Jess West Costumes. She does a million things – the monsters she’s made (you can see some of them behind our heads) are amazing – so no matter what you come to her with, I’m sure she’d be able to handle it. Her Instagram…  Her Website…


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