Running Has Made Me Aware That I Eat Like Crap, and I Have to Fix It

I like to stuff chocolate in my face. 🙂 I probably eat “ok” on average, but when you start working out as much I am right now, your old eating patterns go out the window. At first, I wasn’t prepared and I would just find something to eat, regardless of what it was or how good it was for me. I was just hungry!


After a few weeks of that, I realized I had many questions about food and its relationship to running and had a sinking suspicion that I was not doing myself any favors. So, I made an appointment with a nutritionist recommended to me from a friend at work who is an avid bicycle rider. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was interested in what they would say.

I thought the session was great, and I got exactly the information I needed.

When I first starting looking up articles about this topic, I hit internet overload – there were so many! Running for speed, running for weight loss, running diets 101, a forever-long list of topics that made me have more questions than answers. One of the articles I read took more of a dieting, race weight type stance, and said I should be 115 pounds for my race. It was a generated number based on generic type questions, but it still made me think about how much I should be eating. I stopped that chain of thought there and made a mental note to just ask my nutritionist what would be a healthy goal, because I was pretty sure getting to 115 wasn’t. It was no surprise when I met with her that she didn’t think it was either. I’ve now got a personalized goal that I understand, and that knowledge is almost like a shield. It allows me to better recognize what online information is good and bad for me regarding food.

A lot of this is a “duh” moment for a lot of people, but food is my weak point. I didn’t feel as though I actually had good concrete knowledge on what I should be consuming before this meeting. If you already know food, you might not feel comfortable with something else and I would highly suggest thinking about learning more on that topic. 🙂







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