Big news! The Princess I’ll Be Running As IS……..

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph!


The decision has been made! I’m so excited! I drew up what I’d like to do for my running outfit adaptation: (don’t worry about trying to read my writing, i’m posting the info to the side) Once I get started on the actual builds, I’ll post some how-tos, etc.


  • For the hair-tie and candy bits: Polymer clay
  • I’m thinking the hood could double as a cooling towel, connecting to my shirt in the front to give the illusion of the hoodie
  • Shorten up the sleeves of the hoodie, but keep the cuff detail
  • Details on the hoodie with be done with colored hot glue
  • Pouch detail will be oversized so I can put my bib there without fuss.
  • Reeses cup skirt should be short and pretty structured.
  • Create the candy stripes on white compression shorts.
  • Black running shoes paired with black socks will help give the illusion of her boots.

I’m ready to get started making/finding everything; it will be both fun and interesting since i’ll be learning some skills that I currently don’t have. We shall see…

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