My Running Gear. Not Just Shoes and Old Shirts Anymore.

When I started working out I was sure that running gear or any kind of workout gear was a scam, or meant for people who already had an active lifestyle and they were just wearing clothes to match. I had cotton shorts and leggings which worked just fine, and I had a large package of plain, small men’s v neck undershirts that I could throw away when they got gross.

Then my parents gave me actual running leggings from Kohls – for Christmas I think. Not fancy. No bright colors. Just a single pair of black running leggings and my attitude shifted. I had to eat my assumptions; I could tell these were way better after one run.

Don’t take forever to figure this out on your own if you are just starting on fitness. It’s totally worth investing in some workout clothing if you can. Just don’t go crazy and end up with Ken’s closet – you don’t need that much.

My setup! (This is what is working for me, other things may work better for you!)


  • Hairtie
  • Earbuds (yes they stay in my ears when I run, I don’t know how)
  • Sports bra (don’t buy these cheap from Target as I have once done…there are better ones out there, Google what would work best for you and pay the piper)
  • Wicking top
  • Compression shorts
  • Running socks with the higher ankle back and compression in the middle. I really like the brand Feetures! They are a bit pricey per pair but I don’t have blisters anymore after a longer run, so in my view the price is worth it.
  • Gold Bond or Body Glide. Highly recommend the spray bottle of the gold bond if your thighs touch when you run like mine do.
  • Hand case for iPhone. You don’t push unnecessary buttons to accidentally push your intervals forward, can keep your hands relaxed and open, nothing is stuck to your skin, it has a thin pocket, and has a normal position if you need to check/change anything during the run without readjusting. I linked the one I have, but there are others I’m sure!
  • Running shoes. I have ordered online; I prefer local running stores. They are a little more expensive generally, but offer way better recommendations based on how you run and their experience supporting runners.

What you didn’t see, but I had in the car or house:

  • Foam Rollers. They are wonderful. They hurt in a good way so you don’t have to be in pain in a bad way later.
  • Water Bottles. Plural. I have them everywhere. I like Camelbak. They don’t leak and come in all kinds of colors.
  • Face Wipes. Great for cooling and getting rid of the dirt, sweat, salt, etc. I like the kinds that come in self sealing packs so I can put them everywhere.



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