We all know Disney is expensive, this is how I’m saving for my RunDisney weekend!

Save a little every week. Put it in a different account/place. Repeat. You want to do it, you’ll find a way.

Eventually you’ll feel like you’ve saved this!


Which you’ll need because Disney is expensive. So don’t touch it! (haha get it..cave of wonders, don’t touch anything…haa sorry!)

Here’s what I’m doing in example form:

  1. I found my total cost. (hotel on property, flights, 3-day park tickets for 2 people, food estimates, this is the place to be honest and thorough…)
  2. Googled how many weeks/months until my event date. (howlongagogo.com was perfect because it broke it out into days/weeks/months/etc.)
  3. Did some division. Took my total cost from point 1; for this example we are using $2,000. The divisor came from how I chose to save. For this example I’m saving weekly. From now until Feb. 25th is 32 weeks, so 32 was my divisor. You’d have to save $62.50 per week to have your trip paid off before you go. If you put it on your credit card then you could even go another few weeks until your payment date for the next month! (plus glorious points) Also remember you probably aren’t traveling alone, so if you ended up splitting the cost, each person would be saving back $31.25 a week. About $4.50 a day.
  4. Moved it automatically to savings/separate account 🙂 PNC has an online function where you can set this up; it’s awesome. If your bank doesn’t have something like that you can always move it yourself.

Other things I’ve found out/be aware of:

  1. Don’t forget to check if you have any rewards points on your credit card. Most have the option for various Disney things. Be aware, by booking through their site you’ll need to make sure that you get a Disney confirmation number to sync with your My Disney Experience, and name all your guests so they can be linked as well.
  2. RunDisney race registration fees are due when you sign up so that’s a separate cost that isn’t included here and varies depending on the length of your race.
  3. You put a down payment on the room at the time you book. So start saving back before you think you need to.

This is working really well for me, so I wanted to share in case there were some runners that were scared off by the initial price tag as I once was. Time is your friend on a RunDisney vacation… more time to save and more time to train!








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