Guys. I’m finding it really difficult to choose a character to run as during the half-marathon. I’m not antagonizing over it – ok, yes I am.


  1. It HAS to be able to run like athletic wear for 13.1 miles. No matter how cool it may look. (Repeat back to myself until I stop looking at those costumes of light up LED hair Rapunzels and illuminated Cinderella skirts…)
  2. Find someone to make it or make it super simple. I can’t sew.
  3. I want to be a character, not just wear a Disney inspired phrase t-shirt.

Current choices for running outfit conversion: (character w/ best running version I could find on Pinterest)


Belle = Probably my favorite princess, however she’ll be super popular even with a bunch of different outfit choices.

Asset 2

Ariel and Jasmine = Potentially easier costumes, really like them – but to do them right it’ll be running in a sports bra or something similar and I’m not 100% sure I want to do that. It will be warm though… I just can’t do that tan tank top, it looks like skin but then it pulls like fabric and it freaks me out and no thanks.

Asset 3

Rapunzel = Great princess, but I would want to do the wig or extensions or something for her braid which would maybe be super hot? Also, her outfit is definitely a sewing event.

Asset 4

Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck It Ralph) = She’d be unique, but she’s obscure enough that you would have to be pretty spot on. Hair up in character is a major plus.

Asset 5

I’ve also thought about Moana, Mulan (Ping), and Cinderella. Cinderella mainly just for the idea of a light up LED outfit…

Yeah. So…..too many character options! I have decided (just now) I will choose by October when my current running shoes will have to be replaced. Then I can match them to the theme – it makes sense.

Please help me choose! Comment below with ideas, other princesses, or if you know someone who has some great athletic fabric sewing skills!


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