Training Plans Galore.

Are you all aware of the millions upon millions of training apps, programs, and guides that exist?! I knew of some based on previous training, but not to this extent. For the Princess half I wanted to make sure I was training in the best way possible. It became a rabbit hole that, if I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure I’m free of yet.

The running plan.

My goal: finish under 2 hours & 30 minutes.

I’m combining two training plans: the first is from Jeff Galloway (The Experienced Runners Goal: To Finish In The Upright Position) which I found on the RunDisney site. The second is a training plan for the Indianapolis Mini from a local run club.

The reason I’m using two plans is that the Jeff Galloway plan doesn’t start until closer to the actual event, and I feel I’d like to start training a little earlier than that.


I can always bump up my training from RunDisney to the more advanced option if I get to that point. Basically it boils down to about 20 miles a week until the official plan starts.

Every Sunday will be an update post for what I did during the week, including strength training.

Apps and Devices.

Right now I’m using the native workout app on my Apple Watch, and the app called Seconds for intervals. I am trying to train with my iPhone since there will be characters on the course and I’ll want my phone for photos.
There are so many better and more detailed apps that I could use, but they are all pretty much subscription based so I want to do more research to decide which will benefit me the most. I’ll probably post about this separately later.

Hopefully this plan will help me achieve my time goal, I will keep you posted 🙂

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